2010 sees Flexi Narrow Aisle celebrate the 20th anniversary of the development of the first Flexi articulated forklift truck.

Back in 1990, the Flexi concept was initially received by many commentators as a quirky, niche product, but the Flexi articulated truck has gone on to revolutionise the way palletised loads are stored and picked at many warehouses and distribution centre.

The  success of the articulated forklift concept has been built around the fact that its clever design allows it to load and unload trailers like a counterbalance forklift truck and work comfortably within very narrow aisles without compromising productivity.

“Until the articulated forklift truck was introduced, companies had little alternative but to operate a two truck system with a counterbalanced machine working outside and feeding a reach truck inside the store or warehouse,” says Peter Wooldridge, founder and managing director of Flexi Narrow Aisle. “With our introduction of the Flexi users realised that they could eliminate often costly and generally inefficient doubling handling arrangements. The Flexi loads and unloads lorries and delivers pallets directly to the racking in a single operation. By doing so, it increases efficiency and productivity while abolishing double handling and the costs associated with running a bigger truck fleet than is necessary. And with their ability to operate in aisleways as narrow as 1.6 metres and lift pallet loads to heights of over 12 metres, Flexis can save warehouse operators at least 30 per cent of their storage costs.”

Over the past two decades the Flexi has become the most popular articulated forklift truck in Europe.  Over 4000 units – not only in Europe but throughout the world – have been sold and the Flexi range continues to be developed to cover the requirements of customers operating in hugely diverse industries.

Since its launch, the Flexi brand has become synonymous with high quality, ultra reliable products. “Our company motto is ‘Quality is the Principle’ and we have a long standing reputation for product reliability and high levels of customer service across the world which has been built over 20 years of articulated forklift truck design and development,” says Peter Wooldridge.

“Although our clients are involved in the storage and handling of many different products – from foodstuffs to engine parts – they all share at least one common aim: the need to save costs by maximizing efficiency within their storage operation. The Flexi can help them by eliminating double handling and making the most of the space that is available.”

Flexi Narrow Aisle

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