cas123Providing a cost effective control measure in the reduction of nuisance dust Zehnder CAS units are working to keep a number of IKEA stores across the UK dust free. Fitted in the showroom and market hall areas of the stores Zehnder CAS units are benefiting the workers, the customers, the merchandise and the company alike.

Helping IKEA meet the World Health Organisation (WHO) dust guidance levels and creating a healthier environment for their staff and customers the Zehnder CAS units use the innovative Flimmer® Filtration technology to remove dust particulate from the air. Operating quietly and without the need for frequent filter changes the units offer an effective and efficient solution. With significant improvements to the air quality since in installation staff feedback has been extremely positive.

In addition to the health benefits the units are also helping reduce costs. Less dust means less need to clean which consequently saves money on cleaning bills. What’s more they also ensure merchandise remains clean and visually attractive minimising wastage and product returns.

For further information on Zehnder please contact Zehnder Technical Services on 01252 515151 or visit

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