05-08-2009-image3MASCOT is Europe’s largest privately owned manufacturer of Workwear and safety footwear. A large, comprehensive range is produced to provide high quality Workwear and safety footwear for all areas of industry, trades and public services.

Developed in response to feedback from the logistics market, MASCOT® Workwear launched MASCOT® Frontline. The wish from the wearers was to have workwear with ample space to move in, that can withstand a little of everything and still look presentable. MASCOT® FRONTLINE is the name of the range which offers all this and more. The workwear is created for the rigours of everyday use and where the wearer can still look good when they meet customers. Durability is top, with reinforcements in the fabric and extra stitching.

The range comes in four different dark colours which hold their colour wash after wash and with many different combinations between trousers, jackets, and soft polo shirts.  MASCOT® FRONTLINE is also a range with contrasting ladieswear included. Men and women at the same workplace can be dressed in matching workwear. Many businesses demand workwear which can create a common identity – MASCOT® FRONTLINE is the obvious choice.

If you are looking to strengthen your corporate identity and want workwear to match your corporate colours, the MASCOT® Image is a popular choice. Coming in 10 colour variations to choose from, companies can differentiate their company or departments within the company.

All MASCOT garments come with a 2 year zip and seam guarantee so customers have peace of mind that if their workwear fails, during normal wear, the product will be replaced or fixed.

MASCOT’s Safety Footwear range has been extended this year with, amongst other things, three trainer style safety shoes. All three styles, the Akka, Corno and Velino, have the anatomically formed aluminium toe cap MASCOT Safety Footwear has become renowned for.

This two cap provides more protection to the big and little toes as it is shaped longer at the sides. It is also more comfortable when bending, as the toe cap is curved and not cut straight across. It also bends up slightly, to avoid irritation to the top of the foot.

For more information on MASCOT® Workwear see www.mascot.dk

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