hugh-billotDifferent businesses are in different stages of recovery in this early post-recession period. At one extreme there are businesses still going through the painful process of making staff redundant while other businesses are stabilising or even growing. Whether stable or growing, the prospect of addressing staffing issues is crucial. It may be a replacement, or the acquisition of additional staff. Whichever case, securing a competent person is vital to future success.

A key question for business is whether the appointment of a temporary worker offers more value than hiring a permanent employee and additionally, should the temporary worker be hired directly by the employer or via a credible and competent recruitment agency. There has never been a stronger case for hiring temporary workers and using a recruitment agency. Why do I say that? Well, for lots of reasons.

• The quality of temporary workers used by recruitment agencies is very high

• Starting and finishing additional workers is straightforward

• Temporary workers engage quickly with the management and staff at the workplace

• Clients get the number of staff they want each day, so avoiding costly over manning

• Training costs are minimised as only competent temporary staff are supplied

• The total employment cost of an agency temporary worker is normally less than an employed permanent worker

• Recruitment companies take away many difficult management matters from the client company, enabling management to focus on business performance

• Redundancy costs are avoided

• Performance management is simplified as poor performers are replaced by new temporary workers

• Recruitment Agency margins are competitive and good deals are available for large numbers

If you think the time is right to improve your profitability by using a recruitment agency to provide you with the temporary staff you need 24/7, do your research carefully. Make sure that the recruitment agency is accredited to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation; has the ISO 9001:2008 quality standard; take up references to ensure it has the experience to meet your requirements; check its approach to health and safety and that its record is impressive; check its history of legal compliance; and finally, meet the team that will handle your needs.

hr-voice-bannerHR GO Recruitment, one of the UK’s leading recruitment agencies advised on all employment law and HR issues by HR+ Limited, is finding that demand for temporary staff has never been greater, especially in the industrial, warehousing and logistics sector.
Demand this year for temporary staff has jumped by 25%, and that figure is expected to rise considerably in the second half of the year. HR GO Recruitment, based at 38 locations across the UK and with on-site operations for large users of temporary workers, is ideally placed to help you improve profitability. Give us a call on the number below and we will start the process of helping you immediately.

Dr Hugh Billot

HR+ is a leading HR consultancy: for advice please call 01233 772431.

HR GO Recruitment offers solutions to all your staffing needs, temporary and permanent, please call 0845 130 7000.

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