home-bargains-lorry-3TJ Morris Ltd, trading as Home Bargains, has equipped its transport fleet with Manta electronic seals. Developed and supplied by Unisto, the world’s leading supplier of reusable electronic security seals to the transport industry, Manta provides a more effective way of sealing the doors of each vehicle to eliminate unauthorised access. The seals have been fitted to 120 vehicles and are enabling TJ Morris to improve the levels of security associated with the distribution of goods to over 200 stores across the UK whilst helping optimise delivery performance.

According to Alan Beech, Transport Manager for TJ Morris, “We selected the Manta electronic seal to replace the mechanical system that was previously used after a thorough review of all available solutions. It was clear that the Unisto solution would provide us with higher levels of security than could be achieved with mechanical alternatives and enable us to gather detailed information on delivery performance to increase the efficiency of our distribution network.”

The Manta seal has been designed to be very easy to use and generates a random 4 digit seal number on the integral LED every time the doors are closed. The unique seal number is recorded on the vehicle delivery manifest and can be visually checked at any time by pressing a single button to detect any unauthorised opening.

Unisto also supplied TJ Morris with the SealTrak hardware and software system. A small handheld device is used to download data on the last 100 events via infrared (IrDA Interface) links from the Manta electronic seal with a single press of a button. The data is downloaded by security guards in the Distribution Centre gatehouse and uploaded to a PC in the transport management office where a detailed analysis can be run analysing the performance of different vehicles and routes. This includes the tracking of seal closure and opening times, the time spent waiting to be unloaded, unloading periods and departure times to optimise delivery performance across the whole company network.

The data provided by the Manta seals also provides a detailed audit trail to aid security investigations and resolve any stock discrepancies reported by individual stores. The detailed information generated shows that the trailer doors have not been opened or tampered with after being loaded to confirm the integrity of the stock.

The new Manta electronic seals have delivered an important environmental benefit to TJ Morris by eliminating waste from the discarded metal seals that were previously used to secure the loads. A further health and safety benefit has also been achieved by removing the risk of injury caused when breaking the old metal seals, a common occurrence whenever the trailer doors were opened.

For further information, please visit www.unisto.co.uk

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