interfit_lgoWhilst Christmas seems a long way off the reality for the materials handling industry is that it is already gearing up for the busiest period of the year.

Forklift tyres are an important consideration in this preparation – no one can afford costly downtime in an environment that is competitive and deadline intense, so it is essential to ensure that forklifts are ready and equipped with the right tyres for the demands that will be placed upon them.

Interfit UK Managing Director Paul Morey explained, “Tyre management is vital for the materials handling industry – knowing what tyres to fit and when to replace them is central to the service that we offer. It is easy for users to get it wrong – leave it too late and you will incur huge downtime costs at the worst time of year to have a truck out of operation.

Interfit is based around the very simple concept of “The Right Tyre” which is supported by our extensive knowledge of both forklifts and tyres; we will always fit the Right Tyre for a truck based on what is required of it. A significant part of what we offer is tyre management – through our i-fit system we are able to look at any truck we service and tell instantly how many hours a tyre has been in operation and how much that tyre costs to run in terms of pence per operating hour. This allows us to assist fleet managers to manage their tyre spend and to decide when to schedule replacement so that they get the absolute maximum value over whole tyre life.

“Parallel to this we run regular fleet checks where we measure tyre wear and hours in use so customers  are aware of how tyres are performing and when replacement might be necessary – it’s one less thing for fleet managers to worry about.”

As the busy season for the materials handling industry approaches Interfit are offering a free fleet check to Warehouse & Logistics News readers – fleet checks can be booked through using the contact page enquiry form or by phone on 0845 071 0901.

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