extreme-comfort-from-arco-2As slips and trips remain the most common kind of major injury, accounting for 36% of all major injuries, wearing the most appropriate safety footwear to minimise incidents of slips and trips in the workplace needs to be top of the list of priorities.

With a wealth of experience in selecting and sourcing the best safety products from around the globe and matching those to our customers’ needs, Arco, the UK’s leading safety company, is now at the forefront of product development and innovation and looking at ways of making safety products comfortable, stylish and effective. If boots or shoes are badly fitting and uncomfortable to wear over long periods then they may be discarded, leaving workers exposed to danger and according to Arco’s latest customer research, comfort is the number one criteria when selecting safety boots and shoes.

With the launch of its famous Big Book catalogue this September, Arco will be unveiling a new Extreme Comfort range of safety boots and shoes as part of its established Trojan range of hardworking footwear products.

The Trojan Extreme Comfort boot and shoe range offers the traditional quality and value expected from Arco, combined with extreme comfort and flexibility, making this new range a compelling purchase. Made from high quality leather with no metallic parts, the range has been designed to be lightweight and highly flexible with padded ankle support, exceptionally comfortable foot bed and a full range of sizes available. All products in the range scored the maximum SRC rating for slip resistance.

Andrew Yeaman, Divisional Director, Footwear at Arco, said: “Working with our customers, we have completed an extensive research programme so that we understand and can develop our own industry leading products.  Arco is now able to offer businesses a one-stop shop service for risk assessing and managing slips and trips in the workplace. With our innovative surface testing service that is integrated into the HSE’s SAT Slip Assessment Tool, we can now help customers to assess the risk, identify the right footwear solution and provide a choice of high quality, comfortable shoes and boots in order to minimise the risk of slips and trips in their workplace.”

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  1. The safety issue is closely connected with the workwear and work boots you have at work. The advice the author gives at the very end is of crucial importance. So, don’t endanger your life and wear qualitative work safety shoes

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