logopak-515t-toysPrint & apply labelling is being adopted by one of the UK’s top toy retailers to automate identification of incoming goods at its central automated warehouse in Coventry, improving logistics by avoiding errors in the previous desktop-printed hand-applied labelling operation.

Seventeen Logopak 515T print & apply machines have been installed this autumn, one on each of the goods-in legs of the warehouse, to label every case received with unique information that includes its allocated location within the warehouse and the manufacturer of the goods.

Each leg handles the contents of a complete vehicle at a time, labelling up to ten different products in batches of 100 to 1000 cases. The labels are then scanned throughout the warehouse handling system, allowing goods to be directed automatically to the correct aisle, bay and shelf.

“Labelling bulk quantities such as this manually using a desk top label printer often leads to errors as a result of the repetitive nature of the task,” points out Logopak UK sales manager Howard Jagger. “In this instance incorrect labelling led to cases being given the wrong location and also items of stock left unaccounted for.”

Instead, the new print & apply machines, built to an industrial specification for 24/7 operation, automatically attach labels that contain product identification in an ITF bar code and the allocated warehouse location within a secondary Code 128 bar code. In-built scanners check each label’s legibility as it is applied.

Data for the labels is downloaded to each print & apply machine via a network from the main warehouse computer on demand from the operator, who enters basic product details and quantities at a dedicated terminal.

“As industrial machines, Logopak labellers are equipped as standard with the hardware and software necessary to link readily with computer-based warehousing systems,” points out Howard Jagger. “This avoids the cost and time involved in writing one-off software.”

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