sp7000The SnowEx range of grit and salt spreaders is well-known in industrial, groundcare and agricultural circles for it’s reliability and wide range of spreaders for all applications.

Broadwood International, UK distributor of the SnowEx spreader range, has announced the arrival of the new SnowEx Tow-Pro SP-7000 spreader just in time for the 2010-11 winter season. This new spreader is mounted on an integrated trailer chassis and is powered by its own 12v supply, meaning that any vehicle with a ball hitch can simply connect to the Tow-Pro, switch on the spreader’s onboard power system and get spreading.

“Previously the only option of a salt spreader that is non vehicle-specific has been a ground-wheel-driven spreader,” says Roy Wolfenden, general manager at Broadwood. “With the new Tow-Pro we’ve opened up a whole new world of spreading options to contractors or end-users who want to be able to switch between vehicles and don’t want to fit all their vehicles with spreader control systems, or who want to use multiple vehicles with one spreader. And as with all trailed SnowEx spreaders the new SP7000 overcomes the traditional issue associated with ground-wheel driven spreaders of skidding – where in cold weather the ground is too slippery for the wheels to grip and subsequently drive to the spreader is lost.”

As the Tow-Pro is based on the well-known Vee-Pro spreader range all usual SnowEx features such as patented v-baffles, low-maintenance 12v motor, vibrator agitator, feed auger and adjustable spinner are incorporated as standard, meaning that the Tow-Pro is able to handle virtually any grade of salt with ease, without risk of jamming or overspreading. A weatherproof controller provides accurate control of spread width and rate, while the 1.07m? polyethylene hopper means corrosion and weight issues are minimized. Salt and grit is spun out via a large 18”/45cm stainless steel spinner, and when the Tow-Pro is parked an electric shut-off gate prevents spread material from trickling out.

Designed for use in off-road applications the Tow-Pro is set to be a huge hit with transport and distribution yards, airports, large farms, private estates and car park maintenance contractors.

Broadwood International

Tel: 01420 478111

Email: info@broadwodintl.co.uk


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