apb-6080-lso-dusseldorfer-palletGoplasticpallets.com has enhanced its offering in the lightweight nestable market by signing a partnership agreement with Belgian manufacturer, Smart Flow Europe.

The agreement which promotes Goplasticpallets.com as the sole UK distributor of Smart Flow’s range of plastic pallets, was awarded to Goplasticpallets.com as a result of the company’s impressive volume sales and excellent customer service.

The range comprises 10 different plastic pallets including the APB 1208 LSNR – the UK’s first nestable, stackable, rackable pallet; the APB 6080 LSO – a plastic and more durable alternative to the traditional wooden and steel Düsseldorfer pallet; the APB 1208 LSO and APB 1210 LSO – two nestable pallets with feet; and the APB 1210 NM High-Lip Full Perimeter pallet.

Jim Hardisty, Managing Director of Goplasticpallets.com, said: “Smart Flow is a progressive manufacturer of plastic pallets with modern production facilities and a keen environmental drive. With a similar vision to our own, we’re delighted that our four-year relationship has lead to us gaining exclusive distribution rights for Smart Flow’s pallet range.”

apb-1208-lsnr-uk_s-first-nestable-stackable-rackable-pallet1Goplasticpallets.com remains the sole UK distributor of IPS pallets, manufactured in Belgium and has close links with a number of other plastic pallet and container manufacturers across Europe and Asia, ensuring a comprehensive and competitive product range.

For further information call Goplasticpallets.com on 01323 744057.

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