compare-fuel-cards-free-with-an-instant-fuel-card-auditCompanies can check whether they have the best possible deal on refuelling with an Instant Fuel Card Audit, a new free service from The Fuelcard People. It only takes one telephone call and, within just a few moments, the business refuelling experts will compare cost savings offered by the UK’s widest range of fuel cards against the firm’s current deal.

“Fuel cards are not all the same,” said Steve Clarke, General Manager of The Fuelcard People, “and, with most suppliers only offering one or two different types, we can almost always find a fuel card that offers bigger savings. When we carry out an Instant Fuel Card Audit, I am always amazed at how often businesses have deals that do not even offer discounts.”

Companies should enjoy discounts of 2p to 3p per litre of diesel or petrol, with interest-free credit and no service charges. They should be able to use thousands of refuelling sites nationwide, have 24/7 online access to up-to-date account information and always deal with the same person when they have queries.

Steve Clarke said: “Most suppliers operate call centres so, if they have an account query or request, a customer has to queue to speak to a random, anonymous operator who has never heard of them. They should have a named, dedicated account manager, so that they always talk to somebody who understands their business. That sort of detail matters.”

Firms who do not have fuel cards can also use the free Instant Fuel Card Audit to find the best possible deal for their particular needs. The service is provided without obligation, during normal working hours, and is available to any business currently spending £500 or more monthly on diesel or petrol. The number to call is 0844 870 9856, and callers should request a free Instant Fuel Card Audit.

The Fuelcard People offers the UK’s widest range of fuel cards, so customers can have the one that best suits their circumstances. The range, shown in detail at, includes fuel cards for BP, Esso, Shell, Texaco, Total and more, including motorway and supermarket coverage. All offer cheaper diesel and petrol locally and from a nationwide network of thousands of discount refuelling sites, with administration significantly reduced because all refuelling is covered by a single weekly invoice, paid automatically by direct debit.

The Fuelcard People

Steve Clarke

Tel: 0871 598 0230


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