doco-logoDoco International are pleased to provide readers of Warehouse and Logistics News forward notice of a step change in the standard specification of the Insulated Door panel used within our Docotherm and Docodoor Industrial and Residential Insulated Sectional Overhead Doors from a Polyurethane [PUR] to a Polyisocyanurate [PIR) rigid urethane foam core as of 1st October 2010.

What benefits will this bring to the door company/specifier and building owner?

The differentiated, added value and future-proofed benefit will deliver a panel that is more difficult to ignite, self-extinguishing and meets with the requirements of DIN 4102 – Part 1 [1998] Class B1 and Euro-class EN 13501 at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

The Polyisocyanurate [PIR] foam formulation will be the same as that used by Kingspan Roof & Wall Panel to achieve insurance approval standards such as LPS [Loss Prevention Standard] 1181 and FM [Factory Mutual] 4880 [1994].

Gary Power, Sales Director, Doco International is also keen to highlight the following sustainable construction benefits of the Door Panel:

• CFC, HFC and HCFC free

• Zero ODP in line with Montreal Protocol.

• Low Global Warming Potential [GWP]

• Doors  with standard 40mm Panel meets and exceeds the requirements of Part L2 A and B of the new Building Regulations 2010. The same cannot be said of other common door types – more of this to follow in the next issue!

For further information please contact Gary on 07710 062878

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