ds-dynamic-self-repairingAfter building a reputation as a leading UK manufacturer of loading bay equipment, Dock Solutions are also able to offer you a complete range of Fast action doors.

With energy prices rising, reducing your carbon foot print and controlling your building environment is an area that increasingly should not be ignored.

The Dock Solutions fast action door is an effective way of controlling the temperature loss from your building and therefore reducing your energy bills from loss of either heating or chilling. Fast action doors are used as both internal and exterior doors to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions and save energy.

From our cost effective range we are sure we will have the right door for your application.

Our doors are not only competitive on purchase and installation but you can go on saving with the DS Dynamic self repairing system.

When the DS Dynamic is impacted by a forklift, vehicle etc the door will simply return to the fully open position and reset itself, with no parts or engineers required.

The DS Dynamic

This fast action door uses a zip style self repairing mechanism to give you a long lasting cost effective fast action door. With a 2.5m/sec opening speed this door is ideally suited to internal applications with high traffic use.

Wind load class 2

Dock Solutions offer a complete range of doors suitable for most applications, ranging from 1m x2.5m food safe fully washable door for the food and pharmaceutical industries up to a 10mx 20 for general industrial applications.

The DS Pack

This High performance rapid fold up door is suitable for clear openings up 20m x 10m and is ideal for external applications. The DS Pack folds at a rate of 1m/sec.

The DS Pack operates in wind loads of up to class 3.

Both doors can operate in temperatures of -25 to +70ºc and comply to EU standard EN 13241.

ds-rapid-packAt Dock Solutions we have been installing door of all types for many years, along with our complete range of loading bay equipment.  As the manufacturer, we are able to offer standard or bespoke equipment with a quick turnaround on most products. We also offer a full service and repair on types of doors, levellers and shelters.

Cold store – Food Safe – Small/Large Industrial Internal & External “Get exactly what you need”

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