sert-warehouse-1-resizedDexion’s ability to provide a totally managed solution to the fitting out of SERT-MST PLC’s new warehouse in Swadlincote, Derbyshire has enabled the company’s management to focus on its core business. Won on a competitive tender, Dexion was awarded the contract for its realistic pricing and ability to provide a total solution within budget and on time.

“Dexion was appointed on its designs and competitive pricing, they worked with us during negotiations for our new warehouse so that they were able to start work a week after we signed contracts”, said Sabir Tayub, Managing Director of SERT-MST PLC. “Dexion took over the whole project from beginning to end, which allowed me to concentrate on running the business”.

To start the project, Dexion’s design team developed ways of maximising the 21,300 square metre facility. This involved installing a six-metre high mezzanine floor along one side of the warehouse, which is sufficiently elevated to enable forklift trucks to safely operate beneath. On the mezzanine Dexion also erected shelving to create a hand picking area for small and valuable items, with security fencing and gating around each stairwell, two offices were also built within the warehouse to control the movement of goods in and out.

Safety in the warehouse was a prerequisite to the design, a total of 12 forklift trucks, purchased from Linde and have been supplied with preset height indicators and cameras to assist the drivers with picking, while a high drive through tunnel, running through the middle of the warehouse helps minimise forklift truck damage from their raised masts.

To house the diverse range of products, which includes toiletries, pre-bottled water and other non-perishable items, Dexion specified its P90 Silverline galvanised pallet racking along with its metal end run protection. The design of the P90 Silverline galvanised beams ensures that pallets are correctly stacked away from the upright frames and ensures that the warehouse always looks bright and clean.

Comprising of 55 runs and 6 pallet locations high, the system provides just over 23,700 pallet locations. All the pallet locations have been designed so that two pallets can be accommodated in each bay, including bottled water where each pallet weighs 1150kg.

“I am pleased I did not choose a painted beam as the P90 Silverline beam is easily discernible against the pallets, aesthetically pleasing, and provides a clean and modern environment,” says Sabir Tayub. “Dexion provided excellent project management and each phase of the construction was handed over smoothly and on time”, he concluded.

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