The Airplus Autofeed system from Storopack provides a space-saving alternative to silos at the packing station. An Airplus GTI series unit drops air pillows produced on a sensor-controlled basis from a frame extendable to a height of 2.5 meters. The continuous supply of pillows is guided in the form of a loop to the working height of the packer, who simply tears off the required number of pillows.

The loop provides a six-meter buffer of packing material, allowing a four-second cycle to be maintained per pack. The system requires a footprint of only 85 x 70 cm. The frame is mobile and can be flexibly positioned anywhere along the packing line.

storopack_airplus_autofeedThe sensor is attached in the lower area of the support bar. When the packer reduces the length of the loop by pulling on the line of pillows, the sensor activates the production of more pillows. This system ensures that the packer always has an adequate supply of air pillows, allowing the packing process to flow seamlessly without waiting periods. Storopack also offers another optional labour-saving feature: In the premium version, the rod is automatically lowered at the end of the film reel for convenient replacement by the packer. Another version allows manual lowering using a gas spring.

Airplus Autofeed is ideal for companies which deal with a high volume of outgoing packages but have only limited space for silos in their intra-logistics department. The system also offers the ideal answer to dealing with seasonal peak volumes: Airplus GTI Autofeed can be placed at will within reach of an electrical socket without complex installation work, using just a simple 220 V connection.

This development adds another dimension to the company’s “working comfort” concept, which features packaging systems capable of adapting to changing requirements, providing efficiently structured work sequences and ensuring the ergonomic design of handling processes. The concept aims to achieve maximum process productivity.

Go to to find out more about the system and to contact a packing consultant who will be able to assess your present situation and suggest the most suitable solution for your specific packing operation.

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