corporatepayRoomservice by CORT, the UK’s leading furniture rental company and part of the Berkshire Hathaway group, has simplified the management of its expenses by issuing staff with prepaid MasterCard® expense cards that can be used instead of cash for disbursements.

The company’s delivery and fitting staff now use CorporatePay’s Prepaid MasterCard Expense Cards to cover their costs on the road. The cards, which can be used anywhere the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is shown, are loaded with funds and used to pay for hotels, fuel and other expenses which staff incur whilst delivering and fitting furniture for their clients.

Roomservice by CORT controls expenses centrally via CorporatePay’s online system, allowing funds to be moved on and off cards, transactions to be monitored and new cards to be created simply and efficiently.  Card holders can also check their balances and transactions online free of charge, or via the CorporatePay text service.

“CorporatePay’s Prepaid Expense Card has made life much easier for all our staff in the warehouse who incur expenses when they go out on deliveries and collections.” says Linda Langdale, Financial Controller at Roomservice by CORT. “All of our warehouse crews have now relocated to the other side of Chessington and the cards remove the necessity of a special trip from the warehouse to our offices to collect a cash advance.

“Our warehouse manager is very happy with our ability to track expenditure and remove unused balances when a trip has been completed. We are also able to enforce a more regular submission of receipts from the warehouse crews, as printing off statements takes some of the sting out of completing expense forms by hand and they can just attach their receipts and sign the form!”

Langdale continues: “It’s not just living expenses that the cards are handy for. When our fitters are at a property they can use the cards for small purchases, like new lightbulbs, to make sure we provide an excellent service.  But we’ve found other uses too. We regularly review and improve our stock of furniture, so if someone is going to a trade show we can give them a card. If they see some great products they can call the office, discuss it, and if we agree then we can load the card on the system and they can make the purchase there and then.  It’s quick and simple and gives us a lot of flexibility.”

Myles Stephenson, CEO of CorporatePay, said “The CorporatePay Expense Card offers a cost effective and secure solution for Roomservice by CORT and other companies which have previously used cash for employee expenses. It’s convenient for employees too, giving them added security over their expense funds so they don’t have to worry about envelopes full of cash, and they can even check the balance by text.”

The CorporatePay Expense Card can result in significant savings and provide an unprecedented level of cost control as all expenses incurred by employees can be tracked. It also saves financial controllers and staff time and effort in completing expense forms.

For more information on Corporate Expense cards and how they could benefit your business please visit or contact us directly on

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