cla-constructionWhen it came to choosing a manufacturer to supply it with a top of the range warehouse storage system to modernise and improve the space availability for a sportswear company in West Yorkshire, CLA Construction had no hesitation in awarding the business to PSS. A member of the Constructor Group, the UK’s leading designer, manufacturer and supplier of innovative storage solutions to distributors, PSS was able to provide CLA Construction with the quality products and flexible approach needed to meet the demands of its customer.

Previously, boxes of sportswear were stored at floor level, which meant that the building’s height was not being fully utilised. Now a total of 17,028 boxes are now being accommodated in the warehouse, which are being stored and removed utilising a scissor lift capable of handling 20 boxes at a time.

The large warehouse facility has been fitted out with 461 square metres of PSS pallet racking together with 281 square metres of longspan shelving, installed under the mezzanine floor. As part of the warehouse is utilised for a picking area, PSS’s products also met CLA Construction’s criteria of meeting stringent health and safety regulations by being SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) compliant.

Once CLA Construction had drawn up the profile requirements for the warehouse, the PSS Technical Team began work on calculating beam lengths and weight loadings. CLA Construction and PSS worked closely together on the project to ensure that the storage system met the stringent requirements demanded by the customers.

“I have worked with PSS for over ten years and have always been very impressed with the service provided and the quality of their products”, said John Roocroft, Business Development Manager, CLA Construction. “When I joined CLA Construction 11 months ago, storage was a new addition to the business.  As I have an excellent relationship with PSS I knew that they would offer competitive prices, would be totally reliable and help me in building CLA Construction’s reputation as a provider of quality storage systems”.

PSS’s adjustable pallet racking allows any damaged part of a frame to be replaced without renewing the complete frame. Beams are available in a wide range of profiles to meet the load requirements of almost any application. The patented locking action of the beam to upright provides positive location whilst offering easy adjustments in increments of 75mm and come complete with beam locking keys. PSS’s Longspan shelving offers virtually unlimited opportunities to expand a company’s storage capacity, by providing higher density storage and greater flexibility whether storing boxes, cartons, tubes or wires.


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