proteusProteus Software provides warehouse solutions to its customers that drive efficiency and improvements in throughput, without incurring relative increases in operational costs. Our investment in ongoing development and implementation of new technologies ensures our customers can deliver a higher standard of service, stay ahead of their competition and increase their market share.

Regarding warehouse management systems, two strategic upgrade options are available to deliver significant improvements to paper based stock management processes.

Paper to Wireless Systems – can generate efficiency savings of greater than 50%

Many organisations have successfully migrated from paper to wireless driven systems, which utilise screens and handheld barcode readers, eradicating the use of paperwork. The efficiency gains using this type of technology will differ for each company, although typically users have reported increases of greater than 50%

Wireless to Voice Systems – users report up to 25% increase in warehouse throughput

The PROTEUS® WMS voice solution talks people through their daily tasks replacing paperwork, the inherent errors associated with it, and traditional data capture methods, with hands free personal voice instructions and confirmation.

It leaves both hands free for manual tasks such as driving, picking and loading. The resultant efficiencies impact a number of operational areas, and case studies have highlighted the following efficiency gains:

• A 25% increase in warehouse throughput – within 6 months of full implementation

• 10% – 25% in labour efficiency – incurred during the picking process over scanning solutions, and as much as 50% over paper based solutions.

• Reduced training times

• Pay back on implementation costs ROI in six to twelve months

• Lower cost of ownership – due to elimination of handheld equipment (purchase and repair)

• Lower stock damage – due to less accidents

• 99.9% elimination of picking errors

Implementation of Good Technology – a key driver of sustainable corporate growth

The correct choice of warehouse management system, and the selection of a first class system provider, is fundamental to your personal and corporate success. Our objective is to, not only automate your key operational processes, but also deliver a system that can be aligned with changes in your business requirements and support corporate growth.

Proteus Software partners with Psion Teklogix and Vocollect to provide total integrated solutions that suit your supply chain requirements.

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