logopak-920pfA Logopak 920PF print & apply pallet labelling machine has been chosen by a leading Scottish distiller in the Edinburgh area for a new automatic pallet labelling project, following a four month trial that proved the reliability of the system.

“Following the decision to label pallets automatically the distillery put two competitive labelling machines on extended trial, one after the other,” explains Logopak UK general manager Wilson Clark. “The Logopak system was the one that provided consistent dependability over a three month period.”

Installed within a full steel enclosure, the Logopak 920PF machine is fitted with an integrated scanner to ensure bar code legibility and incorporates the new Logopak Synchro-LXS labelling data management software that manages labelling data files downloaded from the customers host computer WMS software.

Running with Synchro-LXS is Logopak’s I-Quest software, which allows users to interrogate the system and extract production statistics on all pallets produced as well as search for specific data, cases and pallets on a key identifier basis, such as a product code (SKU) or production date, time, SSCC number or line number.

“This can form the basis of automatic product traceability – now being adopted in the Scottish distilling industry – and in other ways such as consolidating production statistics, validating shipping manifests or simply to compare elements of production,” explains Wilson Clark.

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