Nexen Lift Trucks the company that has taken the Materials Handling Industry by storm with its revolutionary new “X“ series has extended the options available with the arrival of its “Optimal Plus” machines in the UK.

Optimal Plus is the second of three transmission choices to be available to dealers, incorporating not just an oil immersed braking system, but an oil cooled braking system.

Further available options include anti-rollback, Driver Presence Sensing and Controlled Deceleration to name but a few, these are features that are normally only available on a hydrostatic truck but Nexen with it’s advanced engineering offers these with a torque convertor machine.

Like all Nexen products these machines are of European design and manufactured at Nexen’s wholly owned facility in Taiwan, the “X” range is built to the highest standards, to satisfy the most demanding customer’s application.

All major components are easily accessible thus drastically reducing maintenance time, and increasing productivity it is believed to be one of the easiest and quickest lift trucks in today’s market place to maintain (under 15 minutes to change a radiator).

The new “X“ range LCD smart dash display constantly monitors all vital engine aspects and gives quick and precise coded diagnostic information, giving a clear indication regarding truck parameters and service information whilst maintaining lap top free maintenance.

The overhead guard is sectional, the side panels are removable in a few minutes, to enable damaged parts to be replaced easily and at low cost. This ensures the longevity of the machine, whilst enhancing the resale value.

Nexen’s U.K. dealer manager Steve Woodhouse has said “We have been overwhelmed by the interest in this machine by fleet owners but these same features make it the best choice for the rental operator in the market today, where running costs are of the highest consideration.”

Nexen Motor Corporation

Tel: 01502 532211

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