prorunner-mk51Nedpack will be exhibiting the latest version of the Prorunner mk5 product lift at the FachPack trade fair for packaging in Nuremberg, Germany. The Prorunner mk5 is available at an extremely competitive fixed price. This module-based product lift offers unprecedented possibilities for transporting a wide range of products to the correct height.

Visitors to the Fachpack between 28 and 30 September will be able to see the opportunities and benefits presented by the Nedpack Prorunner mk5 with their own eyes. Product infeed and outfeed conveyors have never before offered such simple and affordable flexibility. For a fixed price of just € 6,750 for the standard design, Nedpack supplies this low-maintenance, carefully designed product lift, inclusive of infeed and outfeed conveyors and safety fencing.

Compact and flexible

The Prorunner mk5 offers the speed and capacity of a continuous product lift for the price of a discontinuous conveyor. The capacity of the Prorunner mk5 totals 2,000 products per hour. Moreover, the Prorunner mk5 is highly compact and offers an unprecedented degree of flexibility.

The Prorunner mk5 offers versatility and safety like never before. Whether you are packaging into boxes, cases, trays or bags, this clever product lift transports them all to whatever height you require and without any critical product transitions. The product is transported horizontally at all times, thereby precluding product deformation. What is more, the Prorunner mk5 allows you to use just a single elevator system for both the ascending and descending product flows and is even suitable for use as a vertical sorter.


Thanks to the minimal number of moving parts and the enclosed drive system, the Prorunner mk5 offers unprecedented durability. The selected system also generates less friction, therefore considerably reducing energy consumption. As a result of the fact that the system keeps itself in balance and the only weight to be factored in is the product to be transported, the system can be operated at a low motor capacity, resulting in a considerable saving in comparison to other elevator systems.

Transporting an incorrect or damaged product has no adverse effect on the quality of the lift system. The products are furthermore kept outside of the drive system, therefore ruling out the possibility of any product contamination. Its modular construction makes the system highly flexible and means that it is easily integrated. It is for all of these reasons that Nedpack Prorunner lifts are utilised by many OEMs, system integrators and conveyor system manufacturers. Nedpack vertical conveyors meet the most stringent hygiene requirements and also come in stainless steel.


Jacco Hooijer

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