Loadhog’s ethos and commitment to protecting the environment have been officially ‘rubber stamped’ with the achievement of ISO 14001 by the Sheffield-based returnable packaging innovator.

This standard applies to environmental aspects over which a company has control and can be expected to have an influence.

The ISO 14001 environment consultants examined the range of innovative methods and systems, which were implemented at Loadhog’s foundation five years ago, and were told of others planned.

Loadhog products aim to eliminate the use of packaging to not only reduce waste to landfill, but also the depletion of natural resources and fuel bills by facilitating more efficient load handling.

A grey water system recovers rainwater for the washrooms, river water is extracted for the machine cooling system and the factory is equipped with solar panels to produce hot water.

All products are recycled by means of in-house plastic reclamation and raw materials stored in two bulk silos to make delivery more efficient and bag use minimal.

The Loadhog factory is energy efficient overall with its consumption per kilo of product surveyed at more than four times less than the plastic industry’s average.

The company, which has also had its ISO 9001 accreditation renewed for its management procedures, is now looking at the paperless office concept along with improving waste segregation.

Matthew Godhard, Loadhog’s operations manager, said: “Our commitment to continuous improvement forms an essential part of achieving this prestigious standard. It is a fantastic achievement and something of which we and our clients are enormously proud.”

For more information about Loadhog contact www.loadhoglids.com

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