uniflex1_01The new 1320 series is a heavy-duty version but still compact cable carrier in the plastic range from KABELSCHLEPP.

The UNIFLEX Advanced series – the lightweight, quiet and cost-effective plastic cable carrier from KABELSCHLEPP – has been expanded to include a new version which is especially robust. The 1320 series was developed as a heavy-duty version with a one-piece chain link to enable safe guidance of stiff hydraulic hoses in the extendable outriggers of a concrete truck; installation of the cables in the cable carrier is fast and easy. The limited space required a compact cable carrier system. This was achieved by very small bend radii and by a favourable ratio of inside to outside width: despite the compact outer dimensions, the interior has enough space for the hydraulic hoses. The harsh operating conditions – the dirt, the shocks and jolts and the mechanical loads – cannot harm the torsionally rigid cable carrier. A double stroke system for long unsupported lengths and lateral wear surfaces provides for durability while an internal noise damping system keeps things quiet.

With the Specials 2010 KABELSCHLEPP presented individual customer solutions in addition to the current product portfolio at this year’s Hannover Trade Fair 2010 in April. The products presented include both new developments and improvements on existing solutions, as well as industry-specific special versions. They represent the company’s present focus of activities: to achieve a suitable, economical and reliable solution for every application – and therefore to implement decades of technological expertise for a fast time-to-market factor.

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