dsc_0011Wood Waste Recycling Ltd has invested in a number of roll on roll off woodbins, to encourage businesses in the Midlands to recycle all their wood waste.

The bins have been brought to make it easier and more convenient for businesses to recycle all their waste wood, from Mdf and chipboard to pallets.  The bins are also great for keeping all wood waste off the shop floor making sites safer and more organized.

Wood Waste Recycling Ltd has invested in all different size bins to accommodate all recycling needs from 35 yard to as large as 60 yard bins. Carly Tropman who is in charge of this latest venture commented “We aim to tailor a recycling solution to all customers’ needs whether large or small, hoping to encourage businesses to recycle by making it less stressful by us doing the organizing.”

The bins can be changed as regularly as needed, with Wood Waste Recycling Ltd offering a guaranteed reliable service. All wood collected by the bins is taken back to their site in Birmingham where it is chipped up and recycled into Biomass fuel. Wood Waste Recycling Ltd can recycle all types of wood from packaging to MDF and Chipboard.

Wood Waste Recycling Ltd

Carly Tropman

Tel: 01217079333

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