reel-saddles-wedgesNew Reel Saddles & Multi-purpose Wedges facilitate secure and safe handling.

As a result of market influences, Craemer has responded to the needs of manufacturers of web materials by launching a new range of plastic ‘Reel Saddles’ and Multi-purpose Wedges’ to facilitate secure and safe handling of different sized reels of materials such as film, foil, paper, corrugated cardboard, etc.

The two new heavy duty plastic products have been developed as add-on’s to plastic pallets to achieve the highest level of load security and protection when handling reels on plastic pallets. The Craemer ‘Reel Saddles’ and ‘Multi-Purpose Wedges’ are durable, stackable and can be used over and over again and will provide a ready, cost effective replacement for polystyrene cradles, wood and cardboard wedges.

The reel saddles are naturally designed in such a way that they can securely accommodate different sized reels of all types of material and have been developed as a more sustainable, safe method of securing reels onto pallets for storage and distribution.

Made from a rigid HDPE plastic, Craemer reel saddles and multi-purpose wedges can easily and securely be locked either longitudinally or crossways on to the pallet to provide a safe anchor point to prevent reel movement in transport or storage. The clean hard wearing smooth surface of the products overcome film contamination often created by polystyrene ‘flakes’ adhering to the surface under pressure.

The reel saddles two dimensional supports are ideally suited for minimising pressure on surface sensitive reels and protect the reel from flat spots as the interior of the saddles replicate the cushioning effect of polystyrene wedges.

Multi-purpose wedges are ideal for loads that have to be rolled onto or lifted onto the pallets and can then be secured using the second wedge.

With over 40+years in designing and manufacturing plastic pallets for handling various products, Craemer’s complementary Reel Saddles and Multi-Purpose Wedges are certainly creating an interest for those companies handling web materials in print, packaging and converting applications.

Full details are available on request along with sample products for trial in the customers own factory.

Craemer UK Ltd

Steve Penney

Tel: 01952 607800


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  1. Hello

    We produce polyethylene films. In order to protect produced film rolls from damage , we are looking for some methods. We need some types of pallets or a system that be helpful , especially when there is not sufficient space ,so the pallets should be put in several rows . In this regard Do you have any recommendation?

    Best regards

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