helium-cmb1Schoeller Arca Systems, the global market leader in reusable plastic containers for product and materials handling, have launched the new Magnum Helium; the first truly lightweight foldable large container for parts and product logistics.

Since more weight means more expensive and environmentally unfriendly transport, as well as more effort to lift and carry containers, Schoeller Arca Systems has established a new benchmark. Lightweight sidewalls and pallet base offer significant weight reductions and return logistics benefits, which can contribute to reducing the number of trucks on the roads.

Moderate loads pose a special challenge. On the one hand, heavy-duty foldable large containers are more than enough to do the job; on the other hand, lighter containers and cardboard boxes are not sufficiently robust and suffer costly damages. The Magnum Helium is a light, easily handled container, which ensures that contents reach their destination in good shape, while you rest easy about costs and safety.

The attractive, clean appearance of the Magnum Helium and its convenient space saving fold down walls and large door openings make it perfect for retail environments. It also performs equally well in manufacturing logistics for moving automotive parts, tools, electronic components and subassemblies.

The Magnum Helium is currently being used by a leading French sports goods retailer, combined with Schoeller Arca Systems’ new Prelog CMB folding attached lid container which offers the perfect mix of versatility, security and volume maximization for their store deliveries. Using these two innovative products together provides the market leading new store distribution solution for the retail sector.

With the UK head office and warehouse in Abingdon and the worldwide head office in Zwolle, Netherlands, Schoeller Arca Systems employs over 1000 people worldwide and has a turnover of €500million. Schoeller Arca Systems standard range of products extends from Prelog foldable small containers and Big Boxes to Magnum foldable large containers, Intermediate Bulk Containers and BIPP plastic pallets.

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