hunprenco-09Black Vynagrip matting modules with a grey edging from Plastic Extruders Ltd are being used at Hunprenco Precision Engineering Ltd’s plant in North Yorkshire to provide a safe, anti-slip surface for workers maning the large production machinery.

Hunprenco is a world leader in manufacturer of Plungers which forms part of the blow moulding process for the bottle manufacturing industry and their products are distributed around the world.

Supplied by Arco, the Vyangrip modules, with factory fitted PVC nosing on three sides, are designed to butt up against machinery, working benches and service counters and other areas of localised standing. Not only is the matting slip-resistant, very hard-wearing and soft but helps to combat the problems of standing fatigue.

The matting’s extra aggressive and deep etched surface provides a high rating for slip resistant performance R11 when tested to DIN 51130. It has an open grid through which liquid spillage and production waste are dissipated and is resistant to oil and chemicals. Standard colours are red, blue or black manufactured with a minimum of 30% post industrial recycled material with the added option of safety yellow or dark grey edges. The gentle angled nosing, welded to the matting to provide a permanent one piece construction, provides the matting with a high performance edge to ease the passage of trolleys and wheeled equipment and to prevent tripping.

Vynagrip modules are available in 80cm x 120cm or 100cm x 150cm as standard with bespoke sizes available. Vynagrip is also available in a roll in 5m or 10m lengths and  60, 91 and 122cm wide.

Samples and information are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd Tel 01268 571116 or visit

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