ladderstore-republicLadderstore is providing Republic (Retail) Ltd, leading multi-branded fashion retailer, with platform step ladders and mobile safety steps fitted at point of purchase with its ladder tagging system, Ladderlog.

The Blue Seal steps recommended to Republic by Ladderstore, were considered particularly suitable for retail stores given their deep treads and double hand-rails. The decision to pre-attach a Ladderlog gave Republic’s Head Office the reassurance it needed that the steps being delivered complied with the Working at Height Regulations and were ready for immediate use.

Sara Winterburn, Facilities Manager at Republic said, “I selected the Ladderlog system because it is easy to use, is clearly visible and seems the most appropriate asset management system for the retail environment. It is also extremely helpful that Ladderstore fits them to the steps prior to store delivery, not only does this mean we know they are ready to use on receipt, but it is also more cost efficient.”

The move to use the Ladderlog tagging system was part of a wider training review for store staff. It now forms part of a quarterly health and safety audit in the store with staff trained to inspect ladders and report defects. In the view of Gail Hounslea, Managing Director of, “Republic is demonstrating a proactive approach to its health and safety responsibilities, pre-tagging Ladderlog is an excellent example of a company minimizing any risk to the safety of its staff.”

Commenting on the order process, Sara says, “We now order all of our ladder equipment from Ladderstore and it could not be easier. Our dedicated Account Manager sends us an acknowledgement same day on receipt of our order and the store usually receives the goods within 2 days – the process couldn’t be more convenient – Ladderstore will even deliver to a specific date for a new store opening.”

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