mock-up-magazine-web-290pixWelcome to the 1 June Warehouse & Logistics News. After the post-election uncertainty, the UK’s new coalition government is settling down to the job, which is reassuring for business people. As we went to press, the big political news for everyone in warehousing and logistics was that the Coalition has promised in its newly announced Programme for Government to push the EU to set higher targets for reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Proposed measures to help get there include more environmental taxes and extra backing for renewable energy.

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At the heart of the move to cut gas emissions is a belief in the principle that a build up of greenhouse gases is contributing to climate change, with the devastating environmental effects that we are already seeing. It’s heartening to think ‘W&L’ people can do their bit to help, and win kudos in the process.

Big change programmes take a long time to implement. Meanwhile business decisions need to be made from day to day. To help you do this, in this issue we have scheduled features on Fork Truck Attachments, looking at Removable attachments for fork lift trucks, and Pallets & Palletising, covering UK and Euro pallets, wood, plastic and ultra clean.

Going back to the new government’s plan to step up reductions of greenhouse gas emissions across Europe, the previous goal was a 20% reduction on 1990 levels: now the coalition is committed to press the EU to slash emissions by 30%, an extra 50%. The recent recession has slowed trade and hence reduced lorry movements and emissions, both here and in Europe. So in theory the higher targets should be easier to reach.

There are still some people out there who don’t believe in climate change of course, but there’s no doubting the fact that the recent recession has seen a change of economic climate, with lasting effects for industry in terms of smarter working. The recession clearly hasn’t hit Minster Logistics, given its significant growth recently. Profiled in this issue, Minster Logistics provides highly configurable, comprehensive software solutions to market-leading distribution, supply chain and logistics businesses of many types and size.

Paul Boyd, Minster’s new MD, thinks the recession has encouraged smaller, more agile companies to come to the fore, and he aims to address their demands with the functionality Minster offers. The Minster customer base includes wholesale distribution companies, contract warehousing organisations and local authorities handling products as diverse as foodstuffs, cleaning materials, stationery, health & beauty and medical equipment – all of them needing to achieve the highest standards of logistics efficiency.

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