pic6By using plastic packaging within an automated environment, manufacturers can cut costs, increase productivity and reduce product damages. The longer lifespan, the higher quality and lighter weight of plastic packaging makes it ideal for use on high speed automated production lines and supply chain systems.

A new study by Michigan State University in the USA found that four car manufacturers who installed plastic containers on their production lines saved far more in terms of cash flow than had originally been forecast. One company alone saved $10.9 million a year over a four year period and reduced the amount of waste sent to landfill by 35%.

For almost any industry, the utilisation of reusable plastic containers and pallets will help move products more quickly, safely and cost effectively than using their cardboard or wooden equivalents.

George Utz’s products are designed to interface effectively with a wide variety of automated equipment. Our containers and pallets are long-lasting, durable and easy to handle. They’re also specially made to be consistent in size and shape to ease handling by robot arms and conveyor belts.

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