image001Transdek, the UK’s market leaders in double deck loading equipment, are helping both Boots and Tesco develop their double deck supply chains by installing double deck lifts at both DC and store level.

One of the key benefits of Transdek lifts are their modular design, which allows for speedy install (under 1.5 days) and relocation. Transdek are now being asked to deliver on their promise of easy relocation and to move lifts between sites, once leases expire, as well as move them between bays on the same site, allowing for increased flexibility in warehouse reorganisation.

To date Transdek have relocated over 25 lifts within clients distribution networks. Most recently, Transdek were able to remove a lift, including the entire loadhouse ‘pod’ from a Bristol RDC in just 4 hours, and re-install the equipment the following day at a Coatbridge DC, some 360 miles away in Scotland.

Mark Adams, Managing Director of Transdek, believes that it is a combination of efficient loading bay equipment and rapid response to customers’ requirements that is fuelling their current growth. “Transdek believes that across the retail sector, fixed double deck systems have a key role to play in managing distribution costs and environmental impacts. We are pleased to be involved with some of the UK’s leading retail operations, helping them to develop and maintain their double deck supply chains, making best use of the unique features that our products provide,” he added.

Transdek will be demonstrating one of their 6.5 tonne double deck lifts (developed specifically for use at store level) at both Logistics Live in June, and IMHX in November.

Transdek UK Limited

Alister Halliwell-Sutton, Marketing Manager

Tel: 01777 705958

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