dema34Lifting equipment manufacturer, Demag Cranes & Components Ltd, has installed crane systems at IAE Ltd’s production facility in Stoke-on-Trent. IAE manufactures agricultural feed handling equipment, industrial fencing and equestrian stabling at its 105,000 sq m site, processing over 20,000 tonnes of mild steel per year.

To meet a sustained increase in demand for its products, IAE has recently completed a £3 million investment, which included the building of a new 5,100 sq m production bay and a reorganisation of its steel storage facility. As part of the investment, Demag installed a 5t SWL, 28.8m span overhead travelling crane, equipped with a 5t SWL Demag DR-PRO wire rope hoist within the new building. The crane system is used for movement of steel between various workstations within the flow line production bay. The radio controlled crane features long travel speeds of 10/40 m/min, variable cross travel speeds of 5-30 m/min and hoisting speeds of 6/1 m/min.

The reorganisation of IAE’s steel storage facility included the installation of a 2.5t + 2.5t SWL, 28.9m span overhead travelling crane, equipped with two 2.5t SWL Demag DR wire rope hoists, which may be operated in tandem or independently, via radio control. The system has long travel speeds of 10/40 m/min, variable cross travel speeds of 5-30 m/min and hoisting speeds of 6/1 m/min. The new crane increases capacity within the steel store, complementing two similar Demag systems installed previously. The system includes a fast to slow optical anti collision system for adjacent cranes.

In addition, Demag installed four 3.2t SWL, 6m span outreach electric wall travelling cranes, all equipped with 3.2t SWL Demag DR-PRO wire rope hoists. The cranes are designed to facilitate efficient one man loading of steel batches into high volume production machinery.

IAE Director, Frank Klucznik, Stated:
“Fast and accurate movement of loads, between the various workstations, is critical to the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. Since the reorganisation of our factory and the installation of the new Demag cranes, we have been able to eliminate the use of fork lift trucks on the factory floor. This has allowed optimum speed of load movement, improved use of storage space and more efficient use of manpower, whilst creating positive health and safety implications.

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    This is very good towards the production of demag cranes. In today’s world of competition each and every company needs to run their business in smarter ways to maintain the growth and achieve the higher productivity compared to others. With this it is also needed that deadlines must be strictly followed to achieve the target goals. For that they need better planning with effective implementation on it.


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