chazWelcome to the 15 May Warehouse & Logistics News. Writing this the morning after the election, as we head for a hung parliament it’s clear that whatever happens next politically, UK business life will have to go on as usual, with the warehousing and logistics industry at the fore.

It was very encouraging to drive round the M25 on the way into work today and see the logistics lorries, fork lift service trucks and the rest carrying on as usual. Keeping Britain moving is what you, our readers do so well, and as the UK’s only fortnightly title for the industry, we’re here to help you do that.

In this issue, we’re got all our regular sections plus scheduled features to keep you up to date on the essentials of warehouse and logistics life. The Loading Bay feature Includes doors, dock levelers and dock lifts. Weighing covers all aspects of weighing in the warehouse environment. Floors & Floor Care includes floor preparation, floor maintenance and area markings.

Returning to the election aftermath, to this column it feels like being a child in a household where mummy has just caught daddy cheating and we the children are powerless to do anything. We’ve always been good – we’ve done our homework, made a clean plate and kept our rooms tidy, and now this happens. What will happen to us now? Will daddy go? Must we move house? Meanwhile for the moment the household has to carry on, with meals being cooked and the house being cleaned. And we still have to go to school and do our homework.

With the pundits comparing this election to the one in February 1974 that also resulted in a hung parliament, it helps to have a sense of history at these times. In this issue our History of The Fork Lift Truck, written by James Brindley, Director, National Fork Truck Heritage Centre has reached ten years before that: the 1964 Hanover Fair, which saw the debut of three new demountable fork lift trucks, now a common sight on our roads but then a novelty.

Back in the present, May 2010, we won’t know for days or maybe even weeks who’s going to govern the UK. It will take longer than that to find out what effect a hung parliament will have on the financial markets and on the UK economy. In the embarrassing domestic situation just mentioned, the first step is for someone to put the kettle on and try to restore calm. And in the ‘W&L’ industry we need to do the equivalent: get on with the job and stay smiling.

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