eurostar-003Transnorm System has been informed by a number of their customers that certain conveyor belt manufacturers and suppliers are trying to tap into the spares market for replacement belts on Transnorm’s specialist curved conveyors. Attention has been drawn to these opportunities due to the extremely short life of the imitation belts.

Other parts are also being sourced which do not meet correct specifications and often cost more than the correct part. These counterfeit components can lead to reduced belt life.

“We are naturally concerned” states Technical Director, David Smith, “Some of our best customers are being led to believe that these counterfeit spare parts will give the same service life as the originals. Customers have bought parts which have only lasted days, in one case only 2 days. We have received many reports of such failures. This situation does no good to our customers or to our reputation as the world leader in belt curve manufacture and technology.”

Under the correct working conditions Transnorm belts should last five to ten years, and on many occasions have lasted over 20 years, due to the high tolerances achieved on our purpose built, PC controlled belt cutting equipment.

With Transnorm’s patented TS1600 curve, the original cross laminated belt is identifiable by a high quality single vulcanised finger joint and Transnorm’s unique stamp on the reverse giving belt manufacturing quality refs.

In addition to an inferior life span, a sub standard belt also compromises other components on the curve, risking long term damage and costly repair.

“We urge customers to beware of cheap imitations” says David Smith, “For customers that suspect that their curve is fitted with the wrong parts, we are offering a free visit from an experienced engineer to assess their application and suggest recommendations”


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