one-solution-2With the relentless ethical and legislative demand put on today’s businesses to have ‘green credentials’, SCA Retail & Food, part of the heavy duty Industrial Division, have been helping clients achieve this by reducing their corrugated fibreboard usage, and ultimately waste, by up to 70%!

SCA’s ‘ONE Solution’ is an Intermediate Bulk Container comprising of heavy duty corrugated fibreboard and a pallet base that is targeted specifically at replacing palletised loads of small cases, typically 40 to 48 boxes on a pallet. Apart from the significant reduction in the use of corrugated packaging per pallet load, ‘ONE Solution’ also offers the benefits of the elimination for the need of packaging ancillaries such as stretch-wrap and packing tape, improved labour efficiency due to just the one big box to be assembled rather than numerous smaller ones, and as it’s made from one of SCA’s range of high performance heavy duty board grades, the ‘ONE Solution’ can be safely stacked in storage and transit without any concerns of product being crushed and spoiled, thereby maximising space utilisation and reducing product damage and the risk of contamination.

one-solution-1The advantages of the ‘ONE Solution’ pack doesn’t end there, as Chris Ettle, Retail & Food Market Manager for SCA Industrial explains “Apart from the numerous benefits for the client, the great thing about ‘ONE Solution’ is these pack assets add value all the way through the supply chain to the end user, meaning all stakeholders can enjoy an improvement to their bottom line”.

Although the ‘ONE Solution’ range of packs all share a multi-trip capability, it’s also cost effective as an alternative to plastic IBC’s for shipping 500kg or 1000kg payloads especially if for export requirements with little or no possibility of retrieval.

SCA Packaging is a European leading provider of customer-specific packaging solutions with emphasis on state-of-the art design and local service close to customer facilities. With a product portfolio that includes transport, consumer and display packaging, customised protective packaging, industrial packaging and heavy duty, SCA Packaging answers to each market requirement.

To discuss further how SCA’s Retail & Food solutions could benefit your business, please contact Chris Ettle on 01455 251400 or email

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