1270822361022-new-image-3Freshlinc Distribution, the Spalding (Lincolnshire) based specialist refrigerated distribution company, has expanded its fleet of vehicles with an order for 17 SLX Spectrum units.

Established in 1997, Freshlinc Distribution will fit the new units to Gray and Adams trailers, which have been leased through Grays Rentals, to be used on UK routes delivering a range of chilled produce to supermarkets.

Andy Marchant, Fleet Manager for Freshlinc Distribution, commented: “Thermo King dealer support service levels are second to none. The Thermo King Dealer Network is very flexible and the team go the extra mile to deliver the perfect solution in order to meet the customer’s needs.

“Drivers have been highly impressed by the silent running of the new unit, which is proving to be extremely fuel efficient. They have also been impressed by the latest combi-temperature and low fuel warning display, which is also helping to reduce breakdowns on fridges running out of fuel.”

The SLX Spectrum was selected as it has been designed to deliver the same benefits as the SLX platform, but with even greater results. These include improved fuel economy with up to 30% less fuel used than the SL Spectrum and increased green credentials with 30% less CO2 emitted.

With quiet operation the SLX Spectrum is up to 65% quieter than its predecessor thanks to the integration of low noise components running at lower speeds. The unit has been designed to increase driver comfort and also to permit use in noise-sensitive environments.

With market-leading performance in quiet operation and low emissions, the SLX Spectrum is ideally suited to operating on distribution runs in urban environments and low emission zones ideal for Freshlinc’s deliveries of fresh produce to supermarkets around the UK.

Mark Swatts, Thermo King Northern Sales Director commented: “Working with Grays Rentals and Freshlinc has proved to be extremely successful in order to deliver the best possible solution for the customer. We focused on the ease of operation and cost ownership of the SLX Spectrum in order to highlight benefits of the new units to the end-user, ultimately helping them to drive down operating costs and meet the increasing demands of environmental issues.”

Steve Williams, Thermo King Sales Manager UK added: “This is a great testament and achievement for the business, which provides more evidence that Thermo King’s new range of trailer units are adding value in the key operational areas that our end-users need support within today’s marketplace.”

Thermo King is the global leader in solutions for temperature-controlled transport, supplying the world market from 11 production facilities and over 800 distributors world-wide. The company offers a wide range of refrigeration and heating units for vehicles of all sizes, from small vans to large trailers, as well as airborne and ocean-going containers.

For more information about the SLX range visit the website www.slx.thermoking.com


  1. R.E. Mason

    Please explain why Fresh-linc lorries travel at 40mph on the A47 from the A1 to wherever on Sunday afternoons at 5-6pm causing a column of cars to build up behind them. This causes drivers to pass these vehicles at intervals in dangerous circumstances. The A47 is a dangerous road at any time and frustrated drivers take chances on this winding road. When there is a piece of dual-carriage way the lorries increase their speed to 70 mph not giving the build up of traffic a chance to get away and there we go again at 40 mph. Is this a game for bored lorry drivers that are just biding their time so as not to get back to base too early or simply bad driving or is there some other reason you would like to tell me that can explain this behaviour by the so calle “kings of the road?”

  2. MR P. A. WAGNER

    I would like to know if you have any vacancies for an experienced L.G.V CE driver

  3. maybe because by law lorries can only do 40 mph on the a roads you idiot

  4. did you know that lorries speed on a single carriage roads is reduced to 40 mph,and the drivers are simply not braking the law. You can complain to the highway code makers

  5. Why 99% of freshlinc drivers are polish? are the cheap labour or what?