tnt_logoTNT have been a valued customer of METTLER TOLEDO for years. So when they needed a system to capture the dimensions, weight and ID of pallets passing through their hubs in France, they once again turned to us. The CSN840 Pallet™ can measure almost any pallet and ensures a return on investment within weeks.

While parcel dimensioning has become standard in the carrier industry, it is still fairly common that pallets are measured by hand. This is changing as carriers realise that pallet dimensioning is one of the areas in which there is the the greatest potential for revenue recovery.

By ensuring they have correct weight and volume data on pallets, companies make sure they invoice according to the amount of space goods occupy in their vehicles.

From Manual to Automatic

TNT wanted a solution to integrate into five different terminals in France. Previously in these depots, pallets were measured by hand. Manual measuring is time consuming and can be inaccurate. To speed up the process and ensure correct results, the company decided to invest in the CSN840 Pallet™.

Easy Integration

The system was set up in the five different locations over existing scales that TNT already used to weigh their pallets. It was integrated with existing software through a specialised interface that we created specifically for them. This interface makes it easy to install our solutions at TNT sites all around the world.

Measuring Dimensions of More Pallets

Due to time constraints, TNT used to measure only 40% of pallets that passed through these depots. Now, they measure 90% and earn more money on each pallet measured.

A Quick ROI

In one of the TNT depots where a CSN840 Pallet™ was installed, they previously didn’t have time to measure pallets at all and charged for them based on weight only. In this particular situation the system provided an incredibly quick return on investment – paying for itself within a period of two weeks.

About the CSN840 Pallet™

The CSN840 Pallet™ is the first fully approved pallet measuring system with high accuracy on all shapes and surfaces. Modular design means the system can be combined with any floor or forklift scale. Captured data can be wirelessly connected to a customer’s host computer system for manifesting and revenue protection. 3-4 second measuring time makes the system attractive for dynamic pallet handling systems.


We have the experience and the know how to ensure that your dimensioning solution will have the best possible impact on your business and on your revenue. Our global network means our sales and service team are never far away and our customer portfolio boasts the biggest names in the business. When it comes to stability and high quality products METTLER TOLEDO is the only choice. We have been supplying solutions to the transport and logistics business for over 25 years and we’ll still be here in 25 years to come.

Benefits at a Glance

3 headed dimensioner Sees protrusions and bulges that a one headed dimensioner would miss

Fully Approved Accurately measures all shapes and sizes for maximum revenue recovery

Easily Integrated Easily combined with existing scales and software

High Accuracy Ensures correct invoices every time

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