zedlandZedland heavy duty anti-fatigue matting, coupled with increasingly stringent Health & Safety requirements, is overcoming problems of fatigue for people who have to stand at work.

Research from the TUC has shown that standing for long periods, particularly on hard or cold floors, causes severe and long-term physical disorders. This can include bone damage, varicose veins, poor circulation and water retention and, commonly, back problems.

Zedland is one of a series of anti-fatigue solutions developed by Plastic Extruders to ameliorate these problems, protect the health of employees and, in turn, increase levels of alertness and boost productivity. The matting comprises patented high molecular density foam which induces muscle flexing and significantly reduces fatigue. The inherent resilience, which will not deaden with use, represents a measure of the ‘bounce’ felt when standing on the mat.

The matting is available in dark grey or blue and in a range of sizes and roll lengths.

Samples and details of the full range of anti-fatigue mattings are available from Plastic Extruders Ltd tel 01268 571116 or visit

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