magnum-optimumSchoeller Arca Systems (“SAS”), the global market leader in returnable transport packaging systems, announces it will launch its Magnum Optimum(R) FLC (Foldable Large Container) series over the course of the coming months. The series is based on new developments resulting from revolutionary technical progress and changing supply chain demand in the automotive industry and a number of other market sectors.

With the introduction of the Magnum Optimum(R) containers SAS is taking a major leap forward which will provide important value to all end users in the complete loop in terms of operational costs. In addition, the newly enhanced features will result in significantly improved distribution handling. Not only does the Magnum Optimum container include an extensive list of improvements but it is also compatible with the SAS Magnum Classic containers as well as the majority of FLC’s from other manufacturers

Glancing ahead, the newly enhanced features of the FLC Next Generation series include amongst others smooth- and rib- free sidewalls, improved folding ratio, reduced weight, increased internal volume and many other key advantages that can be seen when used in the supply chain.

Imagine what these features could mean for your distribution handling. Not to mention what this means in terms of caring for our environment. The Magnum Optimum(R) series will be available as of April and is a substitute product with better features than any type of FLC you can find today in the market. More product specific information will follow in April 2010.

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