dispo-lite-cmykMoving Edge has introduced a brand new disposable model to its range of innovative safety knives.

The competitively priced Dispo Lite is a versatile, pocket safe knife with a built-in tape cutter that cuts its way effectively through a variety of materials including cardboard, plastic shrink-wrapping, netting and pallet strapping.

Coping with such a wide range of materials makes the Dispo Lite ideal for many different applications, including the demands of stubborn packaging used in industrial and retail environments.

Its comfortable ergonomic design and swift performance also makes it suitable for the emergency services for cutting safety belts for example.  Similarly the Dispo Lite is a handy safety accessory for many outdoor sports and activities, where ropes and lines can be hazardous.

Sold in packs of 25.  Belt-clip lanyards also available as an added accessory.

For details on the full range of Moving Edge safety knives and accessories, and to order online, visit www.movingedge.com or telephone: 0800 040 9901 Email: sales@movingedge.com

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