hubtex-new-unit-073January 2010 saw Hubtex UK celebrate 10 years of independent trading in the UK. The Hubtex truck had been offered previously through one exclusive dealer in the UK and for good political reasons, it was decided that the company would be better trading on a wider scale of opportunity.

From 4 Way Electric and Engined Sideloaders to highly specialised and bespoke equipment for unique applications, the move to direct technical support to end users and through supporting dealers has proved to be an enormous success.

“Having a base in the UK to offer this level of expertise available to anyone who needs it has certainly allowed us to expand our sales volume many times over in the last 10 years” says Malcolm Manser, General Manager of the UK operation.

Sales are only the beginning of a relationship, of course. The company now has a fleet of their own engineers as well as engineer and driver training facilities which has been appreciated by the dealers and end users.

The company’s confidence in the UK market has also been boosted by the company’s brand new premises, recently opened in Milton Keynes, which houses the UK Parts Store and training facilities, as well as a fleet of demo and short term rental trucks.

So what about further growth in the future? “not a lot of fork truck manufacturers are talking too much about growth at the moment but the potential for opportunity when the good times return is looking fairly rosy for us, now we are perfectly tailored to the market’s needs” adds Jim Hammond, UK Sales and Marketing Manager.


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