a-selection-of-boxes-from-the-new-euro-rangeClose links with manufacturers throughout the UK and Europe has allowed Goplasticboxes.com to develop six new product ranges, which include the addition of more than 80 new plastic containers, crates and trays, some of which have never before been seen in the UK!

The company’s plastic box specialist, Russell Smith, said: “Working with the manufacturers and using our knowledge and experience of the materials handling sector, we have designed six new ranges to offer our customers products to meet their specific business needs.”

The new product ranges include:

• Attached lid range – containers with attached folding lids for security.

• Euro range – lightweight boxes, ideal for returnable systems.

• Folding range – space saving solution for return journeys.

• Agricultural range – a variety of solid and perforated trays that nest and stack.

• Food range – hygienic boxes and trays for maintaining optimum food hygiene.

• Small parts range – a selection of storage trays for small parts.

In addition, Goplasticboxes.com has introduced new dollies, lids and flooring to complete its GoBox range.

Many of the new products are available in different sizes and a variety of colour options. All new products are available from stock.

Goplasticboxes.com is a division of All Pallets Ltd and joins Goplasticpallets.com to offer a comprehensive range of plastic boxes and pallets.

Goplasticboxes.com was established in 2008 as a supplier of plastic containers, crates and trays and is a division of All Pallets Ltd.

The company stocks in excess of 125 core products across six product ranges: attached lid range; euro range; folding range; agricultural range; food range; and small parts range. In addition, Goplasticboxes.com offers a variety of accessories including dollies, lids and flooring.

Coordinated from its base in Eastbourne, East Sussex, Goplasticboxes.com fulfils 99 per cent of all orders immediately from stock.

For further information visit: www.goplasticboxes.com


Jim Hardisty, MD

Tel: 01323 744057

Email: jim@goplasticpallets.com


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