pr118-speedshield-brochure-release-imageThe UK’s national Cat® Lift Truck distributor and leading service provider, Briggs Equipment, has produced a brochure to support the launch of its new market leading online asset management tool ‘Speedshield’.

The six page brochure, available from Briggs Equipment, is a comprehensive booklet containing information on how Speedshield can improve productivity by encouraging best-practice operator behaviour such as enforcing a tailored HSE checklist on start-up.

Sally Baker, marketing manager at Briggs Equipment, says: “This brochure details how Speedshield works and how customers can get the most out of the many features which Speedshield offers. As an online tool Speedshield gives customers the ability to be in full control of their fleet from anywhere in the world and provides real-time fleet information, eliminating the need to buy an expensive software license.”

With two-way communication between the truck and an online reporting system, the most up-to-date machine activity can be accessed and truck fleet operational performance can be controlled in real time.

This brochure informs customers how they can increase efficiency, safety and control to help keep costs to a minimum whilst ensuring operators are following best practice. By providing accurate information in real time, customers can quickly identify any maintenance issues to help save money and improve up-time immediately.

By informing customers of the wide range of enhancements and options included with Speedshield, customers can customise the level of control to suit each individual application. For example, customers may want to implement the ‘Zoning’ option to minimise the risk of dangerous events in defined areas to help reduce potential costs. This option can be changed instantly to suit changing needs and requirements depending on different situations.

Continued Sally: “By customising applications to meet their needs, the customer remains at the heart of their fleet with their own online reporting and control. This brochure explains how Speedshield ensures customers can have their own customised level of control, efficiency and HSE compliance that they need.”

For your free Speedshield brochure call Briggs Equipment on 03301 23 98 14.

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