dws-solution-located-at-upsThe utilization of the DWS, Dimensioning Weighing Scanning, has become a necessity for the logistics industry. A DWS provides an essential solution to the demands of increased competition in the world’s logistics marketplace. All businesses are operating in a world that demands ultra efficient methods to reduce costs and avoid price increases, while striving to find new solutions to generate revenue.

Parcel shippers face a highly competitive business environment. Fortunately, OCS is able to deliver multiple turnkey solutions to suit the needs of our customers.  Our in-motion scales are certified by NTEP, MID, and OIML. These certifications provide the assurance that OCS has a proven product line to meet the various legal for trade requirements in any marketplace.

dimensioning-data-weight-and-barcode-combined-for-each-parcelSince the year 2000, OCS has been a successful partner in a DWS solution located at UPS. Phase 1 of this project consisted of 167 in-motion scales operating at a throughput of 2,000 PPH while providing an accuracy of +/- 0.10 lbs (+/- 50g). These systems are in operation for 3 shifts a day, 6 days per week. All parcels are weighed individually; the weight is then combined with the barcode and dimensioning data and sent to a High Level Control System (H.L.C.S). Then the H.L.C.S. compares the measured weight and dimensioning data to the barcode information. The substantial amount of revenue recovered by these scales has proven to be a significant contribution to our customer’s profits. They have also been very pleased with the reliability and ruggedness of the OCS scales. The proof of our customer’s satisfaction was affirmed in 2007 when OCS received an order for an additional 84 scales to be located at this same facility. Upon the successful completion of phase 2, OCS will be providing an in-motion weighing solution for a total of 251 DWS units.

The fantastic accomplishments de-scribed above are further complemented by an additional challenge UPS posed to OCS in 2009. UPS had a need for a high speed DWS that could process 7,500 PPH and maintain an accuracy of +/- 0.10 lbs (+/- 50g) while installed on a triple mezzanine. Due to our competition’s technological limitations with in-motion weighing, the logistics industry had no ability to combine ultra high line speeds with the benefits of revenue recovery. Fortunately for UPS, OCS has a solution. The HC-FL, a double scale, only requires a minimal fixed gap, operates at line speeds approaching 600 FPM (3m/s), can process 10,000 parcels per hour and provide an accuracy of +/- 0.10 lbs (+/- 50g). Another benefit of OCS’s advanced weighing technology is the flexibility it adds by allowing our scales to be installed on mezzanines. This eliminates the need for expensive and space consuming steel towers.

The HC-FL double scale is a great solution for a customer that has extremely high throughput and accuracy requirements.

high-speed-dws-installed-on-a-triple-mezzanineGiven the intensity of competition and the reality of just in time inventory, performers in the logistics industry must have high quality equipment that is supported by a dedicated business with a commitment to service, this is OCS.

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