, the new freight rate comparison site that launched in the middle of November has already beaten its half-year target.

After just three months the free to use website now has more than 45 freight providers registered and 1200 users.

Enquiries for freight services and prices are growing daily. In February the site received 700 requests, an impressive 75% increase on January. Since the launch the number of enquiries has risen by more than 50% each month as awareness of the new site grows.

The information on is also becoming more comprehensive. It boasts approximately 5000 live services, 2000 of which were added during the first week in March. Additional services now include; air freight, sea freight, and UK imports.

Commenting on the success director of, Howard Mould said, “My fellow director Paul Wilson has been a long-term user of freight services while I have been involved with the providers of such services for almost 25 years, so before we created we knew the frustrations encountered by both parties when requesting and supplying quotes.

“We therefore identified a great opportunity to emulate consumer price comparison sites by using a similar model for business-to-business use.

“We were surprised how quickly it was adopted by both parties and the data being provided by is improving daily as more freight providers become aware of the site and use the facilities we offer.”

Although less than five months since its launch, the site is already proving a big hit with both freight providers and users.

Mark Richardson, business development manager, Dalpa International Ltd, is particularly impressed with

“When we were first approached by Howard and Paul, we thought the concept was a great idea and long overdue.

“Mind you concepts can often be some distance from reality but in this case they delivered what they promised. Registration is easy and it has saved us a great deal of time by not having to quote in the traditional method on individual jobs. Naturally we are also delighted that jobs not relevant to us are filtered out and only genuine orders are being generated.”

Marc McCallum, managing director of Worldmail Ltd, is equally enthusiastic, “Cargo has developed a website that is a godsend for freight buyers and sellers alike.

“I’m delighted with the number of solid enquiries I’ve received and the subsequent sales I’ve concluded since the launch of the site. And, as a buyer, I no longer have to wait the best part of two days for all the quotes to come in.”

Director of Elite Group, Stewart Firth, added, “ is an excellent way for exporters/importers to access rates from a multiple range of service providers without being bombarded with all the sales jargon that can accompany rate requests.

“Elite Group Logistics is excited by the opportunity of being able to introduce clients to our services through the strategic use of a specialist price comparison site. What pleases me most about’s approach is that it is vetting who can and cannot be listed as a service provider thereby ensuring only bone fide companies are included.”

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