carrylift3A forklift truck company is to create 105 acres of carbon absorbing woodland.

Forklift truck supplier Carrylift has committed to locking up the lifetime C02 emissions from all of its new Nissan LPG trucks by creating more than 100 acres of new woodland in the UK.

The Carrylift Group, the materials handling specialists with group headquarters in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, is the first and only forklift truck company in the UK to have signed a five year deal with the Woodland Trust. Thousands of trees will be planted which will capture and absorb CO2 that would otherwise leak into the atmosphere and contribute towards global warming.

As part of its Woodland Carbon scheme, the Woodland Trust estimates that creating 25m2 of new native woods will eventually capture and lock up one tonne of carbon. Annually, the 21.6 acres of woodland being created by the Carrylift partnership will eventually lock up at least 3,400 tonnes of C02.

Commenting on the new exclusive partnership with the Woodland Trust, Steven Routledge, Carrylift Group Sales Director said: “We are extremely proud that we have taken this great step forward with the Woodland Carbon Scheme. It is important for companies like Carrylift to reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment.

“Our innovative approach has enabled us to establish an opportunity to respond to the current marketplace and to engage with all of our stakeholders. The Woodland Carbon scheme has given Carrylift a competitive advantage within the marketplace and the uniqueness of the carbon capture element of our product has already brought in new business via a large scale order.

“We are really pleased that working in partnership with the Woodland Trust is helping to reduce the impact of CO2 even further. It is part of a long-term commitment to reduce the impact on global warming and protect future generations.”

Carrylift’s LPG trucks are more environmentally friendly because they are fuelled with low carbon emitting hydrocarbon gas, which reduces harmful emissions by 99%. The eco-friendly engine design of the truck makes it clean and green – a contributing factor which has enabled Carrylift to move forward with its unique partnership with the Woodland Trust.

The 105 acres, which is equivalent to 60 football pitches of carbon absorbing trees, will be planted in some of the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity’s 1,000 UK woods. Each wood has free public access and is protected and managed for future generations to enjoy and explore.

Woodland Trust Chief Executive, Sue Holden, said: “I am delighted to announce Carrylift as the first large scale partnership to take advantage of our Woodland Carbon scheme.  Woodland Carbon is more than an offset because it allows companies to not only reduce their impact on climate change by locking up C02, but also help prepare the UK natural landscape for the effects of climate change, which lie ahead.

“The trees planted by this partnership will not only add great beauty to the natural spaces enjoyed by local communities but also provide multiple additional benefits, including the creation of valuable wildlife habitats and reduced flooding.”

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