as-58cWhat does a hoover, a biro and Armco have in common? All are company names which have become generic terms for their product.

Armco has been seen to be a strong, steel barrier built to protect people and objects from the force of impacts. Safety barrier specialists, A-Safe is changing this with the launch of their new Armco barrier made entirely from plastic.

A-Safe use an innovative blend of polypropylene to create a high impact absorption range of safety barriers, and it is this method which will be applied to their new Armco barriers.

Over time the word Armco has changed from a trademark of the American Rolling Mill Company who used it for their ‘rust resisting steel’ found in barriers and guard rails. That specification has been lost during the passages of time, so A-Safe is providing a strong, flexible alternative using plastic which has been proven to sustain high impacts and reduce damage to vehicles. This innovation is not just cutting costs, it’s saving lives.

James Smith, Managing Director of A-Safe said “Steel has long been associated with Armco barriers, however steel may be strong, but its rigidity is its downfall. If you were to drive into something which doesn’t offer any give when you hit it, the force of the impact will cause greater damage to you, your vehicle and the object. The solution to this is to offer flexibility as well as strength and impact absorption in barriers, which A-Safe’s Armco provides.”

Over the years, safety barriers made from steel and concrete have created high maintenance costs because of their unforgiving properties. With A-Safe’s Polypropylene Armco there is flexibility which means that the impact is absorbed by the barrier and therefore there will be fewer scratch marks and dents to repair on the vehicle, equipment and lower maintenance costs for the barrier.


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