baagBoxes at a Glance a web based plastic box retailer, has teamed up with Tracoda Systems, an R.F.I.D. System supplier, to provide a simple R.F.I.D. solutions to offer a track & trace service for the range of reusable plastic boxes supplied by Boxes at a Glance.

Harry Fairbank, director of Boxes at a Glance, is excited about this new alliance as it can provide an internet based R.F.I.D.  solution for returnable boxes, which now means any supplier or customer can trace their reusable plastic boxes from any location day or night. With an ever increasing demand for tracking returnable boxes, ‘Boxes at a Glance’ provide the complete solution, whether you require 1 box or 10,000 boxes.

Boxes at a Glance

Tel: 0800 328 6485

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