i-pickA new cost-effective, high quality, self-installed and configured, entry-level pick-by-light system named i-Pick has been developed by market leader for internal logistics SSI Schaefer.

The i-Pick system, which consists of a touch-screen PC with preinstalled i-Pick software, will increase warehouse output levels by 300% over standard picking systems and with no costly installation fees, it is the only pick-by-light product on the market that the customer can install without external support.

Capable of managing an entire warehouse, parts of a warehouse or simply to act as an upgrade to an existing pick-by-light system, i-Pick promises a faster, more efficient and reliable picking process that is easy to install.

Providing a significant reduction in error rate with optimum efficiency gains i-Pick is the ideal solution for small picking operations with each i-Pick system supporting up to 800 picking locations, offering a number of different options for easy connection to existing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) / databases. Multiple standalone i-Picks can also be integrated into different zones of a larger warehouse operation.

i-Pick can be plugged into an existing WMS / database, provided the database is Structured Query Language (SQL) compatible, which is then connected to a Line Controller that supplies power to individual Pick Faces and facilitates communication between the i-Pick system and light rails at the Pick Faces. Pick by Light rails are available in three different lengths and customised number of Pick Faces can be mounted onto existing racks or shelving.

Mike Alibone, Business Development Manager, SSI Schaefer, said: “The development of this system marks the beginning of a new era in ‘DIY system integration’. It clearly represents a cost effective alternative to other picking systems whilst being significantly less expensive to purchase than conventional pick-by-light systems.”

Other data connection options include XML files directly or by using a ‘memory stick’ to load order data into the system via the USB port of the i-Pick touch panel computer  or a Web Service can also be enabled that communicates with i-Pick to query order data.

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