pa-territoryoptParagon Software Systems has developed special software to help transport operators and service companies cut costs by optimising delivery zones and territories, ensuring balanced workloads. Paragon Territory Optimiser is an advanced solution suitable for both logistics and field service operations that want to reduce operational costs as well as boost customer service performance and productivity.

The software ensures that all resources – vehicles and personnel – can be assigned to compact optimised territories that reduce road miles and have achievable daily workloads. It calculates territories using accurate travel calculations and allows for time spent at each customer site. This provides a full and true picture of each driver’s territory together with their assigned jobs.

This balancing not only ensures a fair workload, but also helps to build strong customer relationships as clients get to know the drivers or engineers assigned to their particular territory. This is particularly important for companies that have customers who receive a visit once weekly or where calls are made with a range of frequencies depending on service requirements. Applications include home and wholesale deliveries, van sales, hygiene and facilities servicing, and field services.

Distribution, service and sales organisations will soon realise the benefits of this advanced solution that actively reduces transport costs, through fuel savings and vehicle wear and tear. Productivity and environmental impact improvements are also a featured benefit of implementing the software. The flexibility of the software also allows it to be used for strategic planning of sales territories. The software provides seamless integration with the full range of Paragon software products for intelligent automatic routing and scheduling and live vehicle tracking.

Territory Optimiser has been implemented by leading US packaged gas distributor Airgas Inc. The company uses the system together with Paragon’s routing, scheduling and logistics planning software to match customers with their optimal distribution point, establish balanced territories, and generate detailed routes and schedules with even daily workloads.

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